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I may not own a pair of Ruby Red Slippers, but when these heels click together MAGIC happens!

Fashion or comfort you might ask? Well…a little bit of both goes along way! And so, I was on a hunt to find the most perfect, yet comfortable, yet practical, yet stylish day of wedding coordinator shoes. Thank you I.N.C, I think I hit the jackpot with my favorite Sammee Slip on Sneakers! This sneaker presents exactly what is says…A STATEMENT. With a 1" platform for height, this round-toe slip-on sneaker with elastic gores at its sides for comfort are the staple to my all black basic wardrobe for wedding planning.

While in my early years, you could catch me in a pair of Tory Burch Ballet flats, or even a cute wedge in the summer, it wasn’t long before I realized you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. An average of 17 hours on your feet is a L____ONG day when there is no sitting down or taking breaks. A good pair of shoes is key. So, what have I found to work best? First, starting out my morning with a great moisturizing lotion followed by some comfy flip flops for the ride. When I arrive at my destination, I slip on my jazzy studded sneakers of course which certainly add just a little pop of pizzazz to my all-black outfit to keep it classy, professional and fabulous. So fabulous, that I do not need to change them until after cake cutting which at that point, I am anywhere from 12-14 hours in. Winner! Once those end of the night hours come, an ultra-flex memory foam lined all black sneaker by Sketcher come in to save the day- and my most prized tootsies! Links included below. You can thank me later!

Click here for the INC Sammee Slip-On Sneakers

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